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Interview conducted: Len
Source: Jagged Alliance Center
Interview with: Max Tumin
Date: 9 September 2006

1. Hello! Can you introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about your contribution to JA3D?
My name is Max Tumin. I'm the project manager and game designer of Jagged Alliance 3D.

2. Nowadays it is common that games' designers buy licences of an old games and then create the continuations of popular series. Why have you decided to make a continuation of JA series?
We are avowed developers of good tactics in Russia. So it was no wonder that we undertook such responsibility to create a game in the popular Jagged Alliance setting.

3. Will JA3D be different than the previous one's? Will the game be still attractive to JA2 fans?
Almost everything was transferred to JA3D from JA2. We just modernized it and turned to 3D.

4. In previous interviews with you, we could read that you are very sure of JA3D success. Why?
We tried to keep the atmosphere of the series which will certainly attract Jagged Alliance fans as well as gamers who just like good tactics.

5. There are many rumors about map editor for JA3D, that it will include creation of new characters, weapons, items, textures etc. Are they true?

6. We have heard that the AI of enemy in JA3D won't be extremely high, but only a little better than in JA2. Can you tell us something about the enemy intelligence and how will it affect the gameplay?
There will be 3 levels of difficulty. We are making our best so that your enemies will be almost as adequate as yourselves.

7. Fans haven't been happy about removing the M.E.R.C. organisation and reducing the number of staff in A.I.M.. Why have you done it? Can we expect any new organisation in JA3D?
It was SFI’s decision.

8. What about Bobby Ray's shop?
You still can buy everything you need via Internet.

9. Have you already thought about some addons or new missions for JA3D? :)
May be :)

10. What types of weapons will be included in the game?
There will be more than 100 types of weapons including unique models and even stationary guns.

11. Can you tell us if we will meet any characters from JA2?
All characters are well-known if you played JA2.

12. There are going to be about 21 missions in the game. Isn't that too few, if we won't be able to move freely around the country?
Depending on the way you play there will be from 24 to 80 hours of continuous gameplay.

13. We already know that there will be no multiplayer mode in JA3D, but... Can we expect it in JA3?
We are not working on JA3.

14. JA3D graphics recently has improved a lot, what new graphical effects will we see in JA3D?
We added post-effects, modern shaders, improved animation system, ragdoll. All effects became more spectacular.

15. What is the minimal and optimal computer configuration for the game?
Minimal configuration
- RAM 512MB
- GeForce 3 or similar with 64MB video RAM (with pixel and vertex shader support)
- Sound card
- 1.5GHz Pentium-class processor
- HDD with 2GB free
- CD-ROM 8x

Recommended configuration
- RAM 1024MB
- GeForce FX or similar with 128MB video RAM
- 3GHz Pentium-class processor

16. We can download two music themes from JA3D at the moment. What will be the total amount of them in the game?
There will be 8 soundtracks.

17. What about the speech of characters from JA2 appearing in JA3D? Will it be recorded again? Will the actors be different?
We are going to invite the same actors.

18. On what disc type will the game be recorded?
2 CDs.

19. What will the upcoming demo show us?
There will be a couple of missions showing gameplay.

20. What is the exact date of game release?
October, 2006.

21. No GFI Russia's (previously Mist Land South) games were released in Poland. Have you already chosen a distributor? Will the game be avaible in Poland?
We are carrying on negotiations. It will be announced closer to the release

22. Do you think, that the release of JA3D will mean the end of JA2 age?
No. We want to attract new gamers to the series but not to play down the worth of JA2.

23. Are you planning to publish any trailers showing the gameplay, before releasing the game? Fans are really looking forward to that.
May be :)

24. Why the contract with Strategy First was cancelled? As the project is almost done, I guess it was some serious argument.
GFI verifies the fact of cancellation of the agreement with Strategy First, Inc. for Jagged Alliance titles development. The project under the working title Jagged Alliance 3D, developed by GFI Russia (former MiST land � South), is going to be released in October, 2006 as expected.

25. Is there any chance that you will agree with SF?

26. What changes will we see in the game, not including the new name?
At present the development is going on in a quiet atmosphere and in compliance with the scheme approved earlier. The official title of the game will be announced in the nearest future.

27. Do you know anything about SF plans to continue JA series?
It will be announced by SF.

28. Is there anything else you would like to add?
We hope not only the JA fans will appreciate the game but also those who like high-quality tactics.

29. Thanks for the interview and good luck with JA3D :)
Thank you for the interesting questions. Good bye!

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